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We are a full-service real estate marketing company based in Seattle. Our mission is to help agents efficiently and effectively market their listings. As business owners we know that time is a precious commodity. By removing the burden of marketing from real estate agents’ shoulders, they can spend more time in the field with clients. We are about creating high quality content that produces results. 

       Our name is Im3rd Media because we put the best interest of you (the agent) and your seller before ours. We’re a team of photographers and videographers that care about people above all. Ultimately, our heart for service, our drive, and our dedication are what make us different.

       Along with running Im3rd and shooting video, our founder Jae Koh is a licensed Realtor. Being an agent himself allows him to know what buyers look for when they walk through a house. His unique experience as both a Realtor and a videographer makes him a stellar resource for your real estate marketing needs.

*Our prices vary depending on listing size, location, and services requested. Please submit a quote form in order to recieve the most accurate pricing.

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